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Our Approach

We believe it should be easy for students to source safe and convenient accommodation near their educator. We also believe that student accommodation should be regulated to ensure the welfare of guests is always the priority. That is why all of our properties must be visually inspected, and any permanent residents of the property must also be cleared via the appropriate government issued approvals.

We believe students should be empowered to select their own accommodation from a source of properties that have been suitably checked and approved. Student safety is a priority at GBS. We are aware there are financial pressures of students, and therefore believe that students should not need to sign rental contracts for fixed terms, or pay large bonds. As such, GBS has developed StudentBNB to address these concerns, and to assist and empower students.

StudentBNB is empowering students to select their own accommodation for a source of properties that have been suitably checked and approved. This service is provided by Global Booking Services

Our Story

Our team has a varied and extensive background, and has been working in the student accommodation industry since 2010. Our collective background includes Student Education, Customer Service, Spanish and English Teaching, International Student Education, International Operations, and homestay. We are passionate about the services we offer, and the experiences and memories students take home.

Meet the Team

Our business is all about experience! So customer service, a sense of humour, patience, communication, attention to detail and a can-do attitude are staples to survive and thrive in this industry. This team proudly has all of these qualities!!