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 StudentBNB Guest Terms and Conditions

I confirm that I am a genuine student, enrolled to study in Australia and understand, that if at any time I am no longer a registered student, I must vacate my accommodation with StudentBnB immediately. StudentBnB reserves the right to reject or remove any guest found not to be a bonafide student.

last revision 18.11.119

Accommodation Inclusions

Your accommodation includes private room, bedding, access to any common areas to the property, and utilities. Options: if you selected and paid for WiFi and/or a meal service, this is also included. Please be mindful of your water usage, as water is a precious commodity in Australia. Please also remember that not all homes have air conditioning and heating as our climate is quite mild. Bedding will be provided that is suitable to the seasons. There are no additional costs charged to you.



Guests are required to pay their accommodation fees at the time of booking for the duration booked in full. Should you wish to extend your stay at your chosen accommodation, you will need to rebook through the StudentBNB website or contact StudentBnB directely via If the room is available, you may book to extend and pay for further period required. These payments are then processed and paid directly to the accommodation provider by StudentBNB. You are required to vacate on the last date for which you have paid. Rebooking must occur prior to the last date of current paid term. Should you have any issues with payments, please notify US immediately so that we can assist as failure to pay will result in loss of accommodation.  Guests are not permitted to enter into direct payment arrangements with GBS StudentBnB accommodation providers under any circumstances.


Surcharges on payments:

  • Credit Cards using Stripe 3%
  • CohortGo – Pay from your home country in your currency No additional fee
  • Offshore Money Transfers AUD$28
  • Onshore (Payment made within Australia) Money Transfer $NIL

GST (Australian Tax)

  • Offshore payments are not subject to all GST taxes under Australian Law, however services provided within Australia may attract some GST as per the Australian Tax Office Guidelines.
  • Onshore payments are subject to 10% GST on select items identified on invoice
  • all GST is inclusive in the prices shown

Duration of Stay

There is no minimum stay with StudentBNB provided you and the accommodation provider/host are in agreement about the time booked. Should you choose to vacate prior to your paid term, you will still be required to pay for the full term booked. An exception to this is if deemed by the Education Provider, student’s agency or at GBS’s discretion that it is in the best interest of all parties for an immediate move.

Extension of Stay

Should you wish to extend your stay after your initial duration is complete, you will need to rebook and pay for your accommodation through the StudentBNB website. Extension is subject to availability. 

Complaints Process

Should you have any issues with your accommodation that cannot be worked out by speaking with your accommodation provider, please email StudentBNB at so that we can assist.


We strongly recommend that you DO NOT book accommodation until you have:

  • 1. your travel visa is approved
  • 2. your COE is in place
  • 3. flights are booked

Travel Complications:

Should you experience a “Travel Complication”, as outlined below, StudentBNB will hold your payment and process payment to your accommodation based on your new arrival dates. Should your selected property become unavailable with the date changes, the payment will be allocated to the next available property selected by either you or with the assistance of StudentBNB.


“Travel Complication” is identified as being any one of the following:

  1. the accommodation provider cancels a booking with less than 7 days before the scheduled start of the booking
  2. the accommodation provider fails to provide reasonable access the accommodation
  3. the accommodation is not as represented on the StudentBNB website. This could be but is not limited to the following:
  • the room does not match the listing on the StudentBNB paltform
  • amenities or features represented in the listing are not provided or do not function
  • the physical location of the accommodation (proximity to educator as described)


4. the accommodation and/or bedding is generally unclean, or contains safety or health hazards that would adversely affect the student’s stay at the accommodation in StudentBnB’s judgment


5. the accommodation contains pets that were not disclosed


6. the student’s flights are changed or cancelled


Requesting a Refund

To submit a refund claim, you must:

  • contact us before or within 24 hours of check-in to document the problem and place the accommodation payment on hold.  Photographs and or other evidence of the issue must be supplied as part of your claim.
  • be available, responsive and cooperative for requests for additional information requested
  • not have been the cause either directly or indirectly of the travel problem
  • made reasonable attempts to remedy the travel issue with the host prior to claiming a refund, including communicating with your host on StudentBNB platform to notify them of the problem.


Student Refund Policy

If you are a student and suffer a Travel Issue, we agree to either:

  1. reimburse you up to the amount paid, as determined by StudentBNB in our discretion, depending on the nature of the Travel Issue suffered or;
  2. use our reasonable efforts to find and book you another accommodation for any unused nights left in your reservation which is comparable to the accommodation described in your original booking in terms of location, room, meal service (if applicable) and quality. All determinations of StudentBNB with respect to the Student Refund Policy, including without limitation the size of any refund, shall be final and binding on the students and hosts.


Thank you for choosing StudentBNB

“A safer choice in student accommodation”