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19/04/2018 by admin

Questions by Students

StudentBNB allows students to select their own accommodation. All accommodation listed with GBS has been checked to ensure it is suitable and safe for guests. Students can review the photos, areas, and availability of accommodation prior to paying for their stay. Students are able to select from room only (roomstay) or can request a meal service that suit their needs. StudentBNB is an economical choice for students, with a national fee structure. Students are not required to pay bonds or security deposits, saving them the up-front costs of most accommodation choices. All utilities are included in the fees.

You are able to search and see what is available, but once you find a property you like and wish to book,  you need to register as we need your details to confirm the booking.

It's entirely up to you, as long as the duration is agreed with the host as per the booking request.  We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks, and then you can extend if you choose by re-booking the same property online if the property is available.

We accept:

  • credit card payments, processed securely online 
  • NEXPAY, for students who want to avoid credit card or offshore transfer fees
  • offshore bank payments direct to our bank account, which incur a banking fee
  • Australian onshore direct deposits, which do not incur banking fees

You can also contact us to request an invoice for payment.

Yes.  When you start your booking, you will be able to see if there are other rooms available in the same property,  and you can send a referral to a friend to book the other room.

With StudentBnB you pay for the length of time you choose, and then you can move out, or extend your stay by re-booking the property online if it is available.   If you want to change your term of stay, you will need to advise us - 1 week's notice is required.

Here is the great news!

  • no booking fees
  • no contracts
  • no placement fees 
  • no security bonds

You only have to pay for your accommodation based on your selections.  Pricing is listed below.  As each property you view may offer different room or meal options, the prices shown will reflect the price corresponding to each property's preferences.  As an example, if a property will offer room only, their price will reflect that.  If a property will offer meal options, the lowest costed room and meal option is what is displayed.  However only properties matching YOUR preferences will show up in your search, if available during your dates required.  All property prices are the same for the preferences you choose.  Our prices are also the same for every city, so if you wish to travel while you are in Australia, you can also book accommodation through StudentBNB at the same rate and save on expensive hotel and backpackers.

Prices shown below are per week

  • $192 = Room only rental, no meals included
  • $262 = Room with dinner daily
  • $272 = Room with 2 meals daily - breakfast & dinner
  • $282 = Room with 2 meals Mon to Fri and 3 meals on weekends
  • $297 = Room with  3 meals daily
  • If you wish to use the property WIFI it is $12.50 extra per week

Properties display based on the following criteria:

  • Room availability - this can change daily so check back regularly.  During busy periods, it might show no houses one day and 10 the next as students come and go.
  • Your preference choices - if what you choose  is not currently available, the properties will not display,  so consider changing your preferences

Answers For Property Owners CLICK HERE