How to host students

Traditionally, to be a host meant lodging an application, waiting for a home visit with security checks and then awaiting a student placement that matched your preferences.

StudentBNB enhances the hosting process by using our system to match student preferences and required dates of stay with host preferences and availability. As such, students and hosts are both a part of the process!

A new solution

Students can now view properties that are available and check distances, while hosts are now able to set their room availability, block rooms out when required and accept student requests to stay – all online! Properties matching preferences and availability of both student and hosts are displayed when students are searching for accommodation – it’s an easy process.  PRIVACY:  Students are not able to see your personal information or address until they have booked, you have confirmed the booking, and they have paid.

Offering choice

Opening your home to an international student, either by renting a room and having a self-catering student or offering meal options, is a rewarding experience for everyone.  StudentBnB is designed to meet the needs of students with choice, flexibility and location.  It is designed for students seeking academic rental accommodation.  You have the choice of offering services through StudentBNB, Australian Study Tours or our homestay services.  You only need to register once and our system auto-links you across the service platform based on your selections.

To explain this further, students booking through StudentBnB are independently seeking accommodation using their preferred dates and meal preferences when searching for accommodation.  The properties listed are our own host properties, which have been inspected and safety-checked.  Students have the option to select accommodation based on availability, and hosts also have the option to accept the student booking, all through our online system.  StudentBnB is designed to meet the needs of students with choice, flexibility, safety and location.   As StudentBnB is a part of Global Booking Service, we also provide traditional homestay as well as short-term study tour options for families and students.  The process for registering and adding your property is the same.  It’s the choices you offer that differentiate the type of accommodation you will be providing.  We are always here to provide support.

How to add your property

Registering your property is easy to do.   Simply CLICK HERE to get started.  It’s FREE!

Once your property is added, there are just a couple steps and you’re ready to go:

  1. Home visit:  select a time that suits you for a home visit…we will email you the link after you register
  2. Security is our first priority so we require safety checks.  It’s free in most states, as you are classified as a volunteer when hosting students.
    1. QLD – a Blue Card is required for each resident over 18.  If you have a card we must link your existing Blue Card to our organisation. 
    2. For other states, we need your valid Working with Children clearance number for all residents over 18. The following links will take you to the forms:  NSW – VIC – SA – WANTTAS  We will email you information to assist if required.

How hosting works

StudentBNB takes the guesswork out for both you and the students.  We have a national pricing structure, so you don’t need to worry about listing a price for your property.  This also benefits students, as they do not need to research what is included – it is all up front and consistent. 

You host a student for a set period of time that suits both you and your guest/s, and we look after all administration and monetary matters.  You will be paid weekly into your nominated bank account.  With StudentBnB, you are only accommodating registered students.  This means it does not impact your capital gains on your property or your taxable income if you work within the ATO guidelines.  Please speak to your accountant and checkout the ATO link for more information as everyone’s circumstances are different.

Please see our FAQs for more information on hosting students.  We look forward to having you join our family!

How payment works

Hosts are paid weekly for the accommodation directly from Global Booking Service to their nominated account.   Here is a PAYMENT GUIDE to how much you get paid based on your preferences selected.

To avoid confusion or any potential conflict between property owner and student over payment, Global Booking Services manages all payments so you never have to negotiate money with your guest.  It is one of our Terms and Conditions, so please be sure you read them – they are located in your registration login under contact info.  This is an important criteria for us, and hosts that enter into direct payment agreements with students will be permanently removed from our site.

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